Sunday, 14 February 2016

Could any hearts have grown fonder in my absence?

One heart has at least remained beating with enthusiasm for me: Chris arranged a valentine 'treasure hunt' for me, and did it for Saturday morning because the rest of our weekend was booked up.

Valentine card plus a 'clue'.
The 'phone box'.

Once a cross

A kissing gate

The one to kiss
A gate that used to kiss, but is now disappointing
The collection.

The clues weren't *quite* in numerical order, but it was very much the love that counted. :-)


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Great photographs. Makes me pine for England.

    I saw that bottle of Jamieson at the end and I thought to myself, "Ooooo, that'd be nice right about now." And then I tried to think of when the last time I had it was... and it was with you and Chris this summer!

  2. Marc - next time you're around I'll have a glass waiting for you. :)


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