Friday, 1 January 2016

I have decided to take an extended break.

Facebook has got to the point where I have to hold back far too much - where I am starting to wonder if a significant number of people I know are mentally ill - and where some have no interest in truthfulness as long as they can get their point across. A few seem to have an amazing level of grace to walk through the flying poo and still bless people instead of adding to it, but I'm not one of them right now.

It's tempting to rant a bit, but that's not useful either. What my time with basefook has shown me is that people will, if given a free hand, eventually make stuff up to flatter their own fantasies, and that is useful to realise. Those who know my inclinations for historical reading may have picked up that I've been reading Eusebius' history of the early church up to AD 320ish, and it's just amazing how some new heresy or another seems to be popping up every 5 minutes, or one group of disciples are leading their churches astray or a collection of bishops are trying to slander another group of bishops to the emperor. This kind of behaviour has not been created by Mark Zuckerberg, no matter how much we'd like to blame him for online social networking's faults.

There's a quote I can't quite remember that goes along the lines that everyone should be free provided they don't actually try to make use of it. I'm somewhat inclined to agree.

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