Tuesday, 26 January 2021

What a range.

I have the BBC weather app monitoring a range of different places. Wetaskiwin in Canada is presently at -20 degrees, while Anjuna in Goa is at 32 degrees. Somehow Britain manages to sit somewhere in between, like it does in so many ways: from where I'm sat in the lab I can see melt water dripping from a partially snow covered roof.

It makes me think of the quote about being neither hot nor cold and being spat out, which of course has nothing to do with temperature or weather, and was entirely specific to that location.


  1. -20, but even more significantly, it FEELS like -30. It's all about the windchill around here, not the actual temperature. :)

    At the same time, Prince Albert was sitting at -39 ACTUAL temperature and the feels-like temperature was about -46!'

    But this wasn't a competition and your point was otherwise. :)

    1. I was also reminded of a bit from Spinal Tap with Derek Smalls (bass player) being interviewed, talking about himself being between Nigel and David - between fire and ice. "I'm like luke-warm water" he said.

      That's the UK really - never fiercely hot, never bitterly cold. We're like a bass player in a failed band. ;-)

  2. I've never forgotten when it was -12'C here and -52'C overnight for you guys in PA. Extremes of temperature is not a copmpetition I will EVER try to win against a Canadian!


    I've been monitoring the temperature in Goa for pretty much a year, and I think the lowest day-time I've ever seen is about 24 degrees during monsoon. The rest of the time it's 28-34, and mostly 31-33. It's mildly tempting to wonder whether it would be possible to live there, but that's a darn long way from almost everyone we know and care for.


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