Friday, 25 March 2016

PB for 5K

Managed a personal best for 5K running tonight despite a twingy knee. Wonder if I'll manage a run on Sunday?

BTW for those who take pictures and process them, Google have released the Nik software collection (a set of plugins designed to work with other software like Lightroom) free of charge to download. If you don't have anything like them then they are very good value for the cost of entry. ;-)  I've installed the suite, and now wonder whether it was a waste of time, since I primarily use On1's Perfect Photo Suite to do many of the same things, although I expect to find the HDR plugin useful.


  1. I'm going to check this out. I still use GIMP, which is powerful but has a user not-so-friendly interface. I wonder how Nik compares?

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  3. Hi Marc, are you using GIMP as a RAW processor? There's a couple of things you might also like to try:
    Raw Therapee is free and well featured - I know a couple of togs online that use it as their main raw processing software.
    Darktable is more like Adobe Lightroom than RT, and is also good.
    Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) is a free download and includes the raw processing engine from Lightroom, though in a much more minimal package.

    For creative adjustment of images, On1 Perfect Effects is often available from their site as a free download, and was so good that I ended up buying the suite a couple of years ago.

    There's a lot of excellent free software available these days.

    I had a quick play with Silver Efex last night: it presents different results from the other software I use, which is good, although the jury is still out on the quality of the results, since I was seeing artefacts and fringing in places.

  4. I'll check some of these out... eventually... Camera has been on the shelf for a couple of weeks again. Busy days.

    I don't currently shoot RAW. I never did take the time to figure out RAW processing. But I think it may be time to take that step.

  5. They are well worth the price of entry. ;-)

    For me, shooting raw is like shooting jpg, except there's a lot more room to accommodate highlights and shadows and control colour balance. I've never seen a jpg file straight from camera that I wouldn't want to tweak before I'd show it to anyone, so shooting raw makes complete sense.


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