Friday, 1 January 2016

Posts are like London busses

There's nothing for ages, then 3 show up at the same time.

Talking of 3s, there are 3 of us again.

If you are connected to me on Facbook, you'll know Ben fell heavily on his shoulder while snowboarding in France a couple of weeks back, making him unable to work and so forced to return to the UK. He's had his first round of physiotherapy, and although he's in discomfort quite a bit, he's apparently moving much better than when he first came back.

It's really good to see him again, but it's odd. We'd got used to being just a couple in this little house - he'd got used to being able to come & go as he liked provided he did his job, and we're all missing our own space and solitudes. My way of escape has been to stay up late, while his is to shut himself in his room. Not so different really.

Now to see if I can rustle up some images from that Nikon camera.

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