Wednesday, 23 September 2015

It's hard to believe

That a week ago we were still swimming up through sleepiness, in a hotel room in Spain that was as large as the ground floor in our house.

Planning to go swimming, after we'd found our way back to the fresh water lake recreational area that we'd discovered by accident a few days before.

In another hour we wandered down to get breakfast: fruit juice, slightly disappointing bread, chorizo, jamon, queso of some kind, maybe a yoghurt.

And warmth. Strong sunshine and mild air. About 23-24'C in the shade.

This morning the car thermometer said it was 9.5'C outside and the lab downstairs is 17.8'C according to the pH meter temperature probe.

Feels like longer ago than a week already.

Over the last few days I've been doing image selection and basic processing, having whittled down to around 450 images which were put through DXO Optics pro software, then loaded back into lightroom, only for them to look rather pale and watery instead of glowing and crisp as they did in DXO - every package stamps it's own 'mark' on a picture.

I did a quick re-development on a DXO image that I was particularly disappointed with, then into Perfect Effects to polish. It looks nice and very detailed, but the process is slow and batch processing won't really work. Ho hum.

More, better, pictures eventually. If I have time later I'll pop up examples and 100% crops to show the difference the processing makes.

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