Friday, 18 September 2015

¿Se puede imprimir mi tarjeta de embarque

Per favor?

Which caused a smile and subsequent helpfulness yesterday from the pretty lass on reception.

Patience is required.

Images from my Sony A58 are about 20Mb each as RAW files, and I've just uploaded around 35Gb of images to my main computer, then imported them into Lightroom. I've often loaded in 300 or 400 images at a time and it's been fine - a little laggy, but coped OK.

Not this time.

Lightroom didn't exactly freeze, but it did go VERY slowly. This machine has 16Gb of RAM, which normally would swallow a modest import and let me carry on working while it processed in the background, but not this time. Once this is finally done then I'll go through making basic selections: which to delete now, which to process soon and which to hold as spares/alternatives if I want to do reprocessing later. If I were wise (debatable) then I'll set up a batch process to give everything the basic processing treatment too (lens profile, remove chromatic aberration, 15 units of luminance noise reduction, 10 units of clarity). The rest will then be the usual tweaks specific to each image of black and white points, exposure and maybe a gentle tweak to colour balance. Best images will go out to perfect photosuite for a polish and in a couple of cases some anticipated cloning/removal of unwanted objects.

Once that's done then Chris can go through the selected images and see what she wants to have printed for this years scrapbook and I'll choose a few for printing a bit bigger.

Someone on a photography forum found a 'bargain' 64Gb SD card that can transfer data at 150Gb/sec (my nice Sandisk card will only do 90Gb/sec) but I'm asking myself if that's actually something I'll use.

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