Sunday, 6 September 2015

Who knew?

Spain is, apparently, not full of people drinking Watneys red barrel and singing "Torremolinos, Torremolinos" at the tops of their voices, but instead is a country of breathtaking beauty (and I don't use that phrase lightly).

First, a couple of pics of the room, just to give an idea.

We went for a drive down from Osuna (a rather larger town than I'd thought) to Ronda - the one NOT in Wales - and the La Cuidad bridge. Thanks to the provision of satnav in the hire car we also discovered backroads and scenes that, left to our own navigation, we might never have seen. We also went literally round in circles when trying to leave Ronda, thanks to that same satnav not being aware of road closures and other minor inconveniences.

Pics courtesy of Lightroom 5.4 (wow - it's THAT long since I updated) and perfect effects 9. If the colours are a bit off or too light/dark then I blame the cheap screen on this Macbook. ;-) 

p.s. we have heard thunder on and off a few times this evening - looks like we might be eating here again, despite our dreadful Spanglish.

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