Friday, 21 June 2013

Sarcasm is not the highest form of wit.

Nor is cynicism the sharpest kind of thought.

I've just stopped myself writing posts to Facebook complementing someone I know who uses an iPhone without instagram, and takes good pictures. It was all about digging at various instagram users I know. Their continual use of warped colours, tilt-shift and vintage focus effects is tasteless and distressing, but it seems unlikely that pointed comments will ever help them stop mangling images in the name of creativity.

More's the pity.

I wish for a facebook one could pay for to remove advertising and one's data being re-sold. I wish for a facebook where I could block images from certain people - not just the terrible instagrammed images a friend keeps posting - Simon, you're a great worship leader and musician but step away from the filter options.

Gemma - I'd be glad to see your pictures appearing more often too.

*edit* - Marc, Randall, this was not prompted by any images you've posted recently.

*edit 2* - What I really want is a filter that just blocks all instagram content - not likely as long as instagram is owned by FB, but it would be a feature worth a small annual subscription.


  1. I was going to say something the other day on one of your posts where you mention Instagram. I've debated the use of the filters, etc. The truth is, I like the end results I get. When I process a picture from my DSLR, I'm manipulating it as well, getting it to look the way I want it to look, to get an "effect", whether it's realism, sharpness, depth of colour, or whatever. I may not take them to some of the vintage effects of Instagram, but I think the same principle is at work. I came to the conclusion that it's possible to do the same thing with Instagram, except that filters and effects are preset.

    I may tire of it eventually, but it's fun and convenient at the moment.

    I get more annoyed with all the pictures (as opposed to photographs) and "selfies" people post (as well as the word "selfie").

  2. Hi Marc, the reason I added the disclaimer about you & Randall was because I know you've both used the effects sometimes. Guess I'm a photography nazi, but when it's every picture of everyday scenes showing your family doing ordinary family stuff something in me cries "enough". We don't use instamatic or 110 cameras any more because they were really REALLY bad, but this is like deliberately going back and doing all that stuff again. Sure do it creatively where it adds to the photo, but as with my comment you referred to about sodding up an image, if you want to do it, fine, but like a fat bloke wandering round naked, don't keep showing everyone because it's embarrassing.


  3. And BTW you'll notice that some of your adjusted images I have been complementary about - I don't do that if I don't like a picture.

  4. Hi Toni,

    I didn't take any of this personally at all. You just provided me with a context to discuss Instagram. :) No self-defensiveness in my comments at all.

  5. And as for words, the current 'fave' seems to be "onsie".


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