Saturday, 22 June 2013

Africa pictures now on Photobucket

Follow this link for the central gallery of pictures from Zimbabwe.

There are 7 individual galleries:


Naturally there is a little cross-over between some, but this seemed like a more interesting way of grouping images than simple cronology. The galleries themselves make most sense if sorted by filename, and that's how I have set the default order.

As before, not all images are 'show' quality, but some have been included to provide more visual information about the place. Many pictures, particularly those of people by the roadside and in Harare, were shot from a moving vehicle through the windscreen, and that has not improved quality too much. The thing is, there are so many things to see on a trip like this that it's not possible to stop and shoot carefully every time something catches the eye, and in any case it would drive my friends and my wife mad having to wait for me!

I have also found my processing technique developing (no pun intended) as I have progressed processing the images, finding what suits the output of the Fuji best as time went on. Probably familiarity with the camera improved things too, after more than a thousand frames.

So hopefully the pictures can be enjoyed, and maybe you'll catch a little more of the flavour of the place that's so often missing with the 'perfect' images of wildlife that we expect from Africa.

Included for the first time ever are panoramic shots. I have mixed feelings about these, as they are definitely a gimmick, yet do give an immersive feel. There may be more blogging about panoramas later too.

One more image - nowhere seems to have sunsets quite like Africa.

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