Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A free book - maybe a bit pants.

Last night, as mentioned below, I went to the meeting where we talked about applications for the position of rector, and during the meeting came across the most amazing amount of reverse-prejudice regarding women in the priesthood. There has obviously been a lot of history, and opinions are deeply entrenched - something that I observed last year regarding a letter from the bishop about the motion for women bishops in the CoE being defeated, where there was not the least hint that any kind of differing opinion could possibly be accepted.

That particular bed seems to have been made, tucked in, the sheets & blankets nailed to the bed frame, and he's laying in it, quite firmly.

But these thoughts also took me on to thinking about men, women and the bible. and a link passed on by a friend on Facebook, to a free download from Amazon:www.ligonier.org/blog/masculine-mandate-free-ebook/

Egalitarian and chauvinistic thinking have corrupted our ideas about godly manhood. With boldness of heart and pastoral wisdom, Rick Phillips leads us back toward biblical manhood—masculinity grounded in the cultural mandate, the cross, and the ordinary means of grace.”
Eric. C. Redmond, Senior Pastor
Reformation Alive Baptist Church

This book carefully avoids stereotypes and legalistic rules, while unfolding with clarity and practical simplicity the biblical vision of men as individuals and in relationships to other men, to our wives and children, and to the church of Jesus Christ. I learned much from this book and look forward to sharing it with my sons.”
Iain M. Duguid, Professor of Religion
Grove City College

I've downloaded it (why not - it's free) but it may prove to be a bit pants. We'll see. Everybody wants to push their own ideas about Christian Manhood, everyone seems to have their own interpretation of scripture. It's all a bit (lot) crap TBH and I just want to get on and try to work things out with those around me who God seems to have raised up or were will to step forward. Not all of them are men, and in fact most of them seem to be women, although this IS the CoE so that shouldn't be a surprise.
BTW if you want the free download outside of the US then you'll need to log in to Amazon in your own country and then search for the book.

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