Saturday, 8 June 2013

PRISM fallout & amusement.

By now the whole world knows that the NSA in the US have been collecting and screening data from Microsoft, Facebook, google, Apple and a bunch of other companies, likely sharing it with Britain through GCHQ too.

Amusement 1 - Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook issued a personal statement flatly denying reality. You have to be impressed with the effrontery if nothing else.

Amusement 2 - In the UK the Labour party have been demanding an explanation from the government  about how GCHQ have been able to obtain and use this information. Now bearing in mind that PRISM has been running since 2007, it is extremely likely that the Labour government originally brokered the data sharing deal.

TBH I'd say the biggest surprise was the admission that the story was true. Considering the state of the world, it would be almost irresponsible of a government NOT to be monitoring communications like this if they were capable of doing so.

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