Friday, 7 June 2013

Left-wing bias at radio 4 - shock horror probe.

It may be no surprise really, but I was seriously disappointed yesterday to hear the interview with Liam Byrne, Labour's shadow work and pensions secretary. Had the interviewee been Conservative he'd have been torn to bits, but one could hear the interviewer assenting readily to the need to cut various bits of welfare or not re-establish some that had been cut by the present government (with much weeping, wailing & tooth-gnashing). One could see heads nodding in the studio in agreement, such was the desire to move swiftly on before the policy being discussed was too obviously unpalatable for Mr. and Mrs public.

To be expected I suppose, but usually the BBC manage to at least make a show of being the un-biased organisation they are chartered to be.


  1. Have you not noticed the left wing bias in my sermons?

  2. I'm shocked Edward. As a man of the cloth, I expected a staunch Torygraph outlook from you.



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