Saturday, 1 November 2008

What do you do when......

..... you want to get to be part of a new church?

Go to everything they do.

Tonight we're at a 'beautiful brides and glamorous groomes' church social.

That means we've had to dig out our stuff from 27 years ago. Chris can still get her dress on, approximately, and ditto me with the jacket. I don't have my original trousers or shirt and neither have original shoes.

Let's just say I'm both more muscular and fatter than I was before (and I DO carry a lot more muscle bulk, even though I have less strength).

I do confess that this kind of social makes me sigh and wish for a quiet dinner with another couple or 3 where we can talk about meaningful stuff and know each other in a bit more depth. But this is where things are right now, so this is the flow we've got to go with and enjoy. And I guess it's a non-threatening way of drawing closer to some of the more peripheral people with well established social groups.

I hope so anyway.

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