Sunday, 16 November 2008

A question for all you mac-users.

When you switched from windows to Mac, how did you migrate your data?

I'm still juggling the idea of a Macbook as the laptop I'd use in my next 3 years of business, but to do that I'd need to be able to import directly all my office documents and email from outlook. If that's not possible then I think it will finally close the door on any desire I have for a Mac.

Also there's the question of that 13" screen. Is it as tiny as it looks? I couldn't bear to work on that regularly (I'd need to plug into a decent monitor for normal work) but is it tolerable for occasional use? Sorry if that's all you've got, have to struggle with it every day and you wonder what I'm complaining about? In my experience a 17" screen should not operate at a resolution >1024*768 and a 15" at >800*600 for comfortable reading of normal sized fonts.

I'm also mildly tempted by the idea of creating a hackintosh to see if I could actually live with a Mac. Since I doubt Apple would lend me a Mac to find out, I feel justified in attempting this, with the likelihood that I'd actually buy a machine if it was good (or reformat if it was no better than the linux OSs I've tried). Anyone with any hackintosh experience out there?

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