Tuesday, 25 November 2008

It's a very odd feeling.

For some time now various people from other companies have been wandering round, looking at bits of kit, asking questions, making offers. In one case we had some guys turn up just gone 5.30pm on a Friday asking to take away some filing cabinets. At least they realised we were literally going, and only took one (they wanted 30 min to take 3).

The sensation is slightly like being sold in a market, although most people are more polite than that would suggest.

The company is dying a little bit at a time, gradually nibbled away like a piece of floating bread surrounded by small fish. By dint of careful planning and hard work we're ahead of our manufacturing schedule, building what we hope will keep peoples labs supplied for the next year. At the same time, key bits of kit have been sold and personnel gone, so that we'd struggle to make the basic components even if our closure was rescinded. In 3 weeks time all the labs are required to be clear and ready for return to the landlord, and in 5 weeks time we shall be completely closed.

Both Chris and I feel at peace over the future. Not sure what's going to pan out still, but I'm sure it will be interesting. I DO hope it will pay the bills in less than 12 months from now.

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