Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Annointed & Equipped

Chris writes:
Toni said I should blog this so here goes.
Last night, in a BCC church meeting, we said a bit about why we we moving on & people prayed for us (very heart warming & encouraging, thanks folks). One guy, Mark, had a word for us which included some very familiar phrases. He said we had been anointed & equipped for the task ahead & that in our weakness we would find God's strength.

The thing is, that in the summer of 2005 (that year), when we were at 28:18 (Church Camp) I clearly felt that God had anointed us & equipped us for the task of discipling our group of young people (Dan, Kita, Olivia, Ben). It had to be in God's strength because we had nothing of ourselves to give at that time - & looked at how well that worked out! So for Mark to use those exact same words feels significant.

Julie also had a picture of us walking along pushing a wheelbarrow full of compost & tools, i.e. everything we needed to plant our new garden. Thanks to both of you for your encouragement.

There was also some warnings in what Mark said about not having pre-conceived ideas of what we should be doing at HPC but letting God work out how we would fit in.

Musing over all this on the way home in the car I was remembering how a couple of years ago we had felt that God was preparing us for something new, I remember us discussing it & talking to Steve & Tammi about it, so I guess we should hardly be surprised at these developments. It feels as if he has been training us up & preparing us for this, so although stepping out of the safety & security of BCC is somewhat daunting I know we can trust God to provide all we need.

And talking of daunting, the situation with Toni's work is somewhat scary too. I don't want to say too much as this is really Toni's to blog, but there is a strong possibility of Toni & some of his colleagues carrying on the business themselves. Now many years ago I worked for the Collector of Taxes & that experience convinced me that running your own business was a risky proposition & best avoided, so this is a prospect I find somewhat scary.

However from first hearing about the redundancy I have felt strangely confident that it would all be OK. I haven't even prayed that much, not from a lack of faith, but more from not feeling the need. We both had a sense of peace & that all would fall in to place. Well, this is what seems to be falling in to place, so logically I should have peace about this too. The problem is, this is such a big thing. If we make the wrong decision here there could be serious consequences both financially & also in terms of Toni being caught up in time commitments which cut across the things we believe God wants us to be doing. Please pray for Toni to have wisdom here.

It looks like next year is going to be exciting!

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