Saturday, 22 November 2008

We've just got home

From an early Christmas shopping.... party, I suppose.

Lots of stuff from Chamomile Barn that looks really nice, but just wouldn't fit in our house because it's already full of our junk. Italian olive oils of various kinds, Cards, jewelery, a manicurist and tablecloths from 'Brightest Africa' in Zimbabwe.

Chamomile barn is run by a lovely couple that we're just starting to know, and they were serving mulled wine to their guests. Now we both had empty tummies, and it's several hours post lunch. I could feel it (and the lack of sleep too) but Chris.... Chris felt quite dizzy, poor thing. She thought her cold had suddenly got the better of her until I pointed out she'd had 2 cups.

So we're home now, with a table cloth, scented soap and unusual olive oils. I'd better go cook some dinner.

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