Monday, 27 October 2008

Is there no end to the lurgy?

I seem to have tummy troubles now, but it's affecting far more than just that.

Noticed it a bit yesterday, feeling increasingly rough yesterday afternoon, a bit dizzy at times (I actually forgot to play a chord during a song yesterday and my fingers just wandered aimlessly on the fingerboard). Dan and Kita came over yesterday evening, and it was lovely to see them: really didn't want them to go, yet I was struggling to keep going all the time.

My joints are fairly angry (a good sign of infection) and I just ache as well as having the dizziness, bloated feeling, temperature and no strength. Managed a couple of hours sleep, but it wasn't good. When I got up at 3am my stomach gurgled so loudly that in my confused state I though Chris was calling out to me from the bedroom. It wasn't until it happened for the 3rd time I realised where the noise was coming from.

I can't even sit at the computer comfortably, as it compresses my stomach and I feel sick. Just finished emailing the guys in the lab with stuff to do today - took 20 min for a few lines of text and a lot of confused head scratch.

Hope this is gone soon. :p

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