Thursday, 13 September 2007

Life subject to change without (much) notice.

In some ways things are the same, in some ways different.

I got the bike back on the road, finally, and after being a little hit-and-miss it seems OK. The old heap is still on it’s way out, but the feelings that went with it are less sharp and immediate. Glad I left it alone this long though. A new set of tyres has helped, and I'm working on narrowing my chicken-strips.

I just had dental work done – a tooth that had required major filling work over the years (including root canal cleaning and nerve removal) had worn far enough to require re-building. So it was rebuilt about 2 ½ hours ago and feel a little strange now.

BTW I should mention this was my first time back to a dentist (professionally – I loved meeting Linea last year) since ’99. However I may well now start regular checkups. Dentistry has changed a lot over the years, and the bad old days of dentists apparently seeing if they could chip your enamel with their steel instruments has gone – at least at the place I’ve been. Now – and I presume this is the upside of private dental care – they actually seem interested in trying not to hurt the patient instead of giving anaesthetics of questionable efficacy, through a large needle.

Dental care in the US and Canada may have always been more careful, of course.

I’m also oscillation between feelings of inadequacy (or having delusions of adequacy as ‘George’ would say) and realising that I’m inadequate and it’s not a problem.

More thoughts happening, but nothing solid enough to blog.

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