Thursday, 13 September 2007

And a little IT entertainment:

Although the *greater* company business is not reproductive biology, certain parts (like us) are quite intimately involved. I was contacted yesterday by one of our reps in France about hormone levels in children through their development, and provided him links to scientific papers that described how those levels varied through childhood and puberty.

So he carefully paid for and downloaded the articles, then kindly offered to send me the full text (in .pdf format).

They contained the word 'penis', and thus got bounced by the email server.

Someone is trying pretty hard, to check forbidden words in .pdf files attached to emails.

Shame they can't block emails with the words 'viagra' and 'cialis' in them, although I suppose they might be argued to be legitimate drugs.

I wonder if this post (in my coffee break) will get picked up?

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