Friday, 14 September 2007

Funny how it goes.

I'm moving more and more to the 'hated' acoustic guitar for Sunday worship. There was a time when I played exclusively electric, and it sounded huge and glorious. Now it just seems to sound a bit thin and grating to me.

It may be no coincidence that God's been speaking about letting some things go....

But tonight we rehearsed for the fun day in Garth Park on Saturday. It's true I was playing louder than usual, but my 'voxy baby' little church amp was warm, smooth, fat, sparkly and wonderful sounding. After we'd finished I plugged in the other amp I'd brought - my Madamp A15 that I built a couple of years ago and never use as it's too strident for church. Before coming out it was fitted into a combo cab with a 70s Celestion G12H (for those that know and care about these things). This combination was absolutely GLORIOUS, with astonishing clarity and a very real kick-in-the-pants bass response, thanks to that speaker.

It was also staggeringly loud for a 15 watt amp through a 1X12 cab.

So if you're in Garth park on Saturday afternoon I'll be playing with Dennis Niziol and the Panic Street Preachers. Should be a hoot.

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