Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Having announced

...... my return so happily, it's been quiet here.

I feel 'different' after the US trip, probably working in combination with the time away earlier this summer.

I feel the need to spend less time wondering 'what if' and surfing, more time doing.

We also need to get fitter for the trip in a couple of weeks, so both Chris and I are exercising more. Sunday morning we did a 5 mile cross country walk to break in/test out the walking boots I bought. There's a bunch of pics that I need to get up from that, plus a couple from Toronto/Webster. I've been trying to pin down where Toronto reminds me of, and realised it's like a nicer smelling version of Croydon.

But I also need to just start getting on with things again, and way too much of my time was being just idled away on the WWW.

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