Thursday, 22 February 2007

Pancake day pics

Now if you thought the 'Top Gear' video was insulting, you've not seen some of these. Follow me on the downward spiral.......

Pancakes courtesy of the lovely Jane and her kitchen. Janine (behind) is struggling to decide whether to drink or snort her sloe Gin.

And Jane manages a perfect flip despite Janine pushing her finger into Janes ear.

Chris however knows better. She realises that pancakes are really the eggs of an alien life form, planning to take over the Earth, and that they are activated by the act of flipping.

Janique was quite unaware of this. Here you see the pancake larva trying to enter Janiques body through her right eye socket.

Being male, Ian's problems are much more fundamental. Like "how do I clean pancake from Janes ceiling".

Fortunately he managed to catch it back in the pan when the brute wriggled free.

This is also Jane. In front of Jane. Who is horrified to see her pancake rising from the pan in an attempt to escape the heat of the flames. Oblivious to events behind her, Jane was confident that the Alien could be contained safely by the pan.

Unfortunately she was wrong. This one can be seen trying to scuttle off down the hall, having escaped.

Have you ever noticed how some people just look *perfect* all the time? How they whip out the movie-star smile at the drop of a hat, or look cool, calm and collected whatever the situation?

Meet Madalena.

From her clear pleasure in the act of flipping I rather suspect she is the mature form that these larval pancakes grow into.

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