Wednesday, 7 February 2007

This has to be worth blogging.

Looks light good ol’ Blighty is trying to compete with our friends across the pond in her own small way. Chris checked the temperature in the car first thing and popped back out again grinning: -8’C. It didn’t *feel* a great deal colder than many of the other frosty morning this week, and I actually chilled less in my fingers and toes than yesterday. However one noticeable difference was that direct sunlight wasn’t touching the frost – no sign of it thawing anywhere, despite the sun being strong. Also as I rode into upper Heyford some moisture (condensation from my face) on my glove froze a finger to the brake lever, and just past the turn up camp rode I found my moustache had frozen too.

The landscape was quite lovely, sheathed in white and draped in a soft mist. Unfortunately the camera only had a single image left.

I’ve almost fully thawed now except my right foot, which is often quite reluctant to stay warm. If I’d been a little less eager to get out this morning then I’d have put on overboots and that would have largely solved the issue. Still, there’s no harm done

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