Sunday, 25 February 2007

I want to blog. What can I say?

Trivialities mostly.

Could I mention my total failure to successfully install Windows 98 on a separate disc for a triple boot system? Lets just say that NONE of the tools that have served me so well over the years seem to work effectively on this one. The boot sector of the disc has been messed up by GRUB (a Linux bootloader) and I can't make a bootable drive out of it now. Seagates disc wizard is a disc dummy (man, that software is RUBBISH!) and as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

The learning from this one is to not do silly things. Wonder if I've got a spare HDD laying around somewhere?

On a different note, drunkenness reveals all kinds of things about people or accentuates certain sides of their characters. We were at a party last night with a lot of drunken people (some extremely so) and it was informative to observe them while they were having fun or otherwise. As designated driver, let me tell you, drunks are a lot less entertaining than they think they are when you're stone cold sober. But then I've never got the point of drinking so that getting to the loo is a major adventure in route planning and limb control.

What was apparent to me was how people get drunk in order to suppress their natural inhibitions so they can experience intimacy. It's a variation on beer-goggles that allows behaviour that the individual *wants* to do, but cannot find a way of doing it while all their natural inhibitions and hangups are in force. This has me thinking as a Christian, about how I am intimate and how I manage my intimacy with people. This isn't particularly about physical intimacy, so much as getting close and having a freedom and openness to express ones feelings and thoughts. In the case of the party people, a lot of it was sexual motivation, but I think also a lot was from a desire for friendship and acceptance that wouldn't happen in normal circumstances.

Something to keep in mind when we reach out to people.

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