Monday, 3 July 2006

Still alive and well.............

.........which shouldn't really be a surprise.

All 3 of us are leaving a little of ourselves here in Canada - the Mozzies absolutely love some fresh blood. My digestive system also seems in rebellion, but it's manageable so no real problems thus far.

But it's been good. Spent the morning yesterday at Randall's church, the afternoon with Marc and Dixie. Great people to be with and warm and friendly without being at all 'in your face'. In fact everyone we've met has been relaxed and comfortable to be with.

We are due to go out again with M+D plus Lin-ay-ya (have to keep remembering) but our car has been vandalised while it sat outside the house (discovered half-way through typing this). Someone has climbed on the bonnet, kicked the windscreen in and then jumped on the sun roof. Mr. Hertz wasn't too interested, but they have since called back to let us know a replacement is being sent. The police also came and looked it over briefly.

All part of life's rich.... etc etc.

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