Saturday, 8 July 2006

Our final morning here.

Wisely or foolishly we have chosen to leave packing for the last few hours, although it shouldn't take long really.

Last night was our time of goodbyes.

It doesn't feel like we've know these friends for ever, but there is a certain familiarity, comfortableness, relaxation that comes from being in company you trust and and know care for you. There was the Christian side of things, sharing a common Spirit that brought us together. But there's also the fact we just plain like these guys too, for who they are.

And they did put themselves out enormousy for us. Very, very kind.

I won't say some tosh about missing people, although it might prove true - I can't always tell how I'll be, and life is often so busy - but you've certainly found a place in our hearts.

Thank you everyone.

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