Wednesday, 28 December 2005

There's a sense of pride that's right.

You get it when those you love and care for do something amazing.

Let me quote this post by Nikita:

Back To Work After Christmas
-But I have a LOT to tell!!

I'll start from the beginning and apologize now for the long post coming up!

Christmas Eve, Dan came to my Grandparents house (Grandma Joy etc) and the whole family was round. Grandma cooked a lush dinner (Jacket potatoes, cold meat etc etc)
and we played muder in the dark!!! Was very funny! :D

Cameron, the youngest cousin at 4 yrs old, wouldn't part from Dan! hehe!! And Dan didn't get annoyed that much with him! wow! lol!

Christmas morning was kinda boring. Everyone was cranky for bein woken up early!

But about 18:00 things started to get intersting...
My (great) Aunt Dorothy had given the grandchildren (us kids) £30 to give to a single chrity we think needed it most.

We went round the room, and each kid voted secretly for the chrity they wanted. I voted for OpenDoors. But as nobody had ever heard of it in my non-christian family, I decided to make a quick plea and tell them about what OpenDoors did.
Then we voted again. There was 5 kids voting, 2 didn't vote for OpenDoors, 2 others changed their mind because of what I said, with the guidance of the Lord. £30 is now heading to OpenDoors.

This caused a big discusion with my family.
Like "If there is such a thing as God, why do so many people worship other 'Gods'?" and "If there is such a thing as a 'God' then why do young people die?" "Why did the Tsunami happen?" etc etc
I prayed to God to guide me with what I needed to say, to show me the right verses, and to help my family understand the Christain faith.
He did.
He guided me.
He showed me the verses, I quoted them to my family,
and He helped them understand why I became a Christian, and I hope and pray that the Lord can give them more hunger to search for Him.

After the discusion,
Brooke (my 11 yr old cousin) said that she believes in God. Uncle David said he thinks something is out there and wants to find out what. Uncle Craig wants to keep 'open minded' but thinks Christianity is the way forward.

Brooke and Ginny, the only other girls that voted for OpenDoors, on Christmas Day, decided they want to come to BCC youth group and want to become Christians.

Dan phoned as soon I'd finished talking to my family.

I ran upstairs and actually burst into tears! I was SO happy!!
I think felt the Lord speak through me! It was scarey but amazing! I was quoting from the Bible, I was talking to Craig, Grandma, David, Ginny, Brooke, Grandad and Mum about God!!!

It was AMAZING!!

MeRrY ChRisTmAs!!!!!

Kita - you, Dan and Liv do good things to our hearts.

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