Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Just bunkd off early

from the moving party known as Somerton carol singing.

I always wondered what the point of carols was, and why people would especially want to sing them, after all, the words are frequently contrived and a little cringe-worthy. I've finally figured it out. The point is to have a bit of a jamboree together, visiting houses, stopping off for food and drink and having a mostly well-behaved party.

Seems fair enough.

I wonder if this is how many religious festivals started?

There's some value in this thinking too. I'm a natural humbug, and while I enjoy doing things that are a bit wild, I can also be reserved and look askance at those doing slightly outre things that I don't naturally gravitate to. A little self-analysis can be useful for figuring out what makes me tock when others tick.

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