Sunday, 11 December 2005

It's a cold & frosty morning in Oxfordshire....

.... and now the Rayburn's packed up!

For those not in the know, this is an oil fired stove (the same as an Aga) which is a major source of heating itself, but which also runs the central heating. Toni mentioned in his blog about not sleeping that he thought it was making funny noises, obviously that wasn't just the product of an over tired & over active brain. This morning it was making more funny noises, it sounded like it couldn't fire up, & when I went into the kitchen I could smell oil. So I have turned it off. I suspect that the jet needs cleaning, or something simple like that, but I can't do it. Poor Toni, he's going to have a lot to do when he gets home. We were meant to be going Christmas shopping next Friday, & putting the tree up on Saturday, but I wonder if we'll have time.

Whilst outside gathering winter fu-ooo-el to light the little stove in the living room, Carolyn rang to invite Ben & I to lunch. What a blessing!

Said little stove has smoked profusely & made the room very smelly, but appears to have lit now. We also have a couple of oil filled radiators & a fan heater, so we are not totally without heating. I need to get the large oil filled radiator downstairs but it is rather heavy & our stairs are steep & twisting. I wonder if muscle man can be persuaded to get out of bed to help?


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