Saturday, 15 October 2005

The sex edition.... Where do dirty old men come from?

*snip* a longer, rambling post, removed.

I'm not sleeping - woke up at 5 (got to bed at 12.30) and the brain's been buzzing.

Wondering about how odd we are about sex.

How society STILL tries to politely hide it, while in almost schiztophrenic fashion, shouts about it through the written medium.

How if you're 'young' sex is fine, while if you're old it's a taboo subject.

Maybe I'm not fully awake still. It seems to me that there is an inconsistency. Yet the more I try to analyse it in an interesting/amusing/useful fashion, the more I answer my own questions and wonder why I'm asking them in the first place.

One thing has made me wonder for a long time.

What makes someone a dirty old man?

When you're a teen, lust is a normal part of life (for at least half the male population, anyway).

When you're in your 20s, ditto.

30s, ditto.

40s? Well, I'm half way through, and little has changed, other than a much better understanding of the implications of my actions than I had when I was a teenager.

50s? 60s? 70s?

Are men supposed to have an inbuilt mechanism that makes them close down their wishes and the psychological habits of a lifetime? Since sex is mostly mind games, why would a failing body make them think about it any less - probably the reverse!

So when Chris and I saw a guy in London kissing a girl easily young enough to be his daughter in a way that suggested she wasn't, why were we both a little surprised.

Some of this was spurred by the conversation we've had here. The suggestion that there were certain things people couldn't discuss with us: like sex for example. Some of these thoughts have been running around my brain is various less presentable forms for a long time.

Maybe that's the answer?

A dirty old man has the same thoughts as the rest of the male population. Just that they express them differently? In that context, is viagra a blessing or a curse?

Will I need it to become a dirty old man

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