Monday, 10 October 2005

Just had my amp furniture arrive.

No, that wasn't free word association.

Tuesday week I ordered stuff like vintage style leather handles, Nickel plated cabinet corners, screws and a bunch of resistors so I can finish off the amp head and speaker cabinets that I've made recently. The resistors are to let me bipass the tone stack in the amp head and there's also a high voltage variable resistor to let me adjust the clean/dirty characteristics of the amp.

I'd ordered from a company in the US called Antique Electronics, and compared to UK prices, it was incredibly cheap. The amp handles were $11 each vs £20 each here. Ditto the corners: $0.95 each vs about £4 each here. Even getting stung £10.53 surcharges for importing (£4 customs, £6 'administration' fee by post office) I reckon this has still come in around half price. Now I've just got to round off the corners of the cabs, stain them, fit the furniture and add speaker cloth.

Sounds easy when you say it quickly.

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