Monday, 3 October 2005

Another weekend over

Wonder why I'm finding communicating SO awkward right now - just can't seem to put a coherent string of words together. Or notes for that matter: the guitar playing feels like it's gone right down the tubes (pun).

Chris and I went out for dinner on Saturday evening, and at least we managed to talk to each other. If we'd stayed home then she'd have been in the kitchen making cards while I'd have been surfing or fiddling with guitars. But talking was useful, and although I felt really clumsy, saying things in a way I didn't mean, we did managed to pass information and understanding.

Probably one of the higher points was seeing Nikita and Dan yesterday.

I'm not feeling especially 'spiritual' either right now. Just tired and a bit dizzy really.

And sometimes overwhelmed by all the things I've not done/failed to do right.

Oh well, back to work. Life goes on.

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