Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Talking of discussions......

Chris and I have been really enjoying house groups recently. The last couple of weeks we've been discussing stuff like the new and old covenants, communion and the early church, origins of the church in the western world and that kind of stuff, all in the form of bible study.

It's funny, because most of the time it feels like you know nothing: but get a point to focus on and all this information pops up. Chris gave an excellent 5 minute summary of the origins of the catholic church and the present denominational situation in answer to a question. It was the kind of stuff we've taken for granted that everyone 'knows' but it seemed no-one did. Amazing how you gather information over a long period, gently sorting and assimilating it into the subconscious.

She presents stuff verbally rather more neatly than I do too.

But we've not been stimulated like this for a VERY long time (probably not since we moved up from London) and it's great. I just hope it's not a strain on the rest of the group, although everyone had contributions to make - to the point I found it hard to do so myself sometimes! Still, it was better than holding back, hoping someone else would take part too.

Good stuff.

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