Thursday, 1 September 2005

I've opened blogger

but whatever it was I was going to post has evaporated.

Circuit training was amazingly sweaty last night (27 degrees and a thunderstorm going on at the time).

I can't seem to sleep after hard exercise - my body doesn't relax, and my mind just freewheels through junk. Also had a head full of work (from a sudden experiment it was necessary to set up late yesterday afternoon). And then I fiddled with that guitar after Chris had gone to bed - ended up playing it for an hour after I'd cleaned and re-strung it.

And someone (not family or close friend) was being increasingly dumb yesterday, getting stroppier and stroppier the more I tried to calm them. It got to the point where I really wanted to have a good shout at them, telling them not to be so stupid and childish.

So here I sit, mostly awake, kind of. Looking forward to a meeting that will be 'really exciting' this morning.




Oh you're still here?

Well bye for now.

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