Saturday, 10 September 2005

Absolutely bushed today

The last couple of days have been really tiring.

Biked into London twice, including riding back through that rain yesterday, had 2 VERY long days (5.45am 'til 1.00am next morning, then 6.15am 'till 12.50am) and a busy week. The work yesterday was probably useful, but not necessarily encouraging. I'm sat here with the tiredness pressing into my forehead like a hand. Many things need doing, but lethargy seems to be ruling the roost for the present.

Last night we had a 'half night' of prayer. It was curious how, when I was just trying to pray I'd fall asleep. Yet given a 'purpose' and object to pray about, God just seemed to keep talking to me about things. Maybe I needed to get my mind out of the way so that I could listen without interfering? Whatever, it was a good time.

One of the questions I was alluding to below is whether we should try to travel to Canada, visiting Randall & Lauralea and everyone this autumn. At the moment Ben's driving test is scheduled for the exact time I'd originally thought about going, plus there are other factors too that interfere a bit. We'll have to see.

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