Monday, 7 June 2004

A variety

Well, we saw my mother OK on Saturday. It WAS good to see her again, but these days there's always a sense of poinancy whenever I go. I know she won't be around forever now, and so does she; to the point of arranging all her papers etc for easy investigation if she dies suddenly.

She also went to a Christian 'health centre' (Burrswood) earlier this year, where they did an 'overview' of her life and health. This was available in a written report, and made quite difficult reading for me. It's often quite difficult to see your parent's emotional needs in the same way that you view other peoples, and I definitely suffer this inadequacy. They also mentioned hurts that went very deep, from many years previously, and these produced a feeling of helplessness in me (helpless to help her).

We have a good relationship, and are able to talk freely about many things. I just want the comfort of feeling like I'm doing something to make her feel better. Just selfish I guess.


Broadband has arrived in the village, and ours should be arranged in a couple of weeks for us. Wanadoo are doing BB for £17.99 per month - too good to miss. If I'm feeling brave, I may try to set up a wireless network at home, with access for the kids in their rooms.


And talking of which, I've just set up a wireless network here. One of the sales guys had a laptop die, and the replacement came with 802.11b connectivity built in. We bought a 3com access point, and after 1 brief false start, it installed and configured with no trouble. Configuration was easy, and set to accept only specified MAC IDs, and using 128 bit encryption, it should be secure too. If this proves a success then I'll convert the other mobile computers, and probably also install wireless cards in a couple of (presently un-networked) PCs in the lab.


I've been reading odd snatches from 'The heavenly man': the story of a christian in China. Yun suffered severe persecution for his faith, and in turn, saw God move in tangible ways. And it's recent - we're talking about him leaving China in 1999. This is really what I signed on for when I first became a Christian - not singing 'nice' songs in church. I don't want to talk too much now, because there are various things going off inside, and I'm going to have to read the book properly, methinks.

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