Sunday, 13 June 2004

I seem better now

but occasionally get reminded I've a little way to go.

Went shopping yesterday - boy, was I bushed when I got back. This morning I finished putting together a garden bench, again I'm hot, tired and have a numb hand (from filing the metal ends - trapped nerves again, I expect).

Talking of benches, if I was paid my normal salary while making it, that would cost as much as our settees. 3 years ago we bought a couple of cheap benches from homebase, and in a year most of the slats had rotted away. Being the kind of people that hate throwing good things away, it was decided I'd re-use the cast iron ends with some fresh (properly treated) timber. Only problem was finding some the right size. Eventually some turned up, salvaged from an old caravan. This was treated with brown preservative (which has left a brown, sticky residue!) and the iron ends painted dark green. Today I put it all together, ending up with a slightly ricketty bench that isn't very stable but looks OK. Frankly, far more hassle than it's worth. Wish we'd just bought a (really nice) bench seat for £40 from the place in town than spend £15 and several hours putting this shonky thing togehter. Oh well, you have to learn sometimes ;-)

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