Friday, 18 June 2004

More things

Chris has a job interview at 10.30 am this morning. She should get it easily enough, but confidence come before a fall.

Ben has finished his exams, and is now becoming a person of leisure - mostly.

I have another church music practice tonight, to which the keyboard player isn't coming, and the drummer has decided it's not worth the effort for 25 mins on Sunday afternoon (it's a guest service, hence the short time, I understand really).

I'm wondering if my role in the church needs to change too. I'm feeling a need to kick-start some kind of active outreach. Since I am about the least evangelistic person you'll ever meet, that's quite amazing. We've also been asked to consider going on a year-long part time pastoring course (Chris and I). She's not keen because of the time committment.

I also had a prophetic word from one of the elders last week. He had been reticent to share it initially because he started 'interpreting it for me' in a negative sense, and realised that probably wasn't helpful. He'd seen me standing on a jetty that stuck out into a lake, waiting. The word was "the boat isn't coming". Chris and I have been wondering if we were being prompted to move on for a number of reasons, but I think that at least part of this word is that the transport isn't ready to take us yet. There's more, but that's a part.

The cooler weather is MY fault! Had the climate control in the car fixed on Wednesday. Now it gets cool, but doesn't need to ;-)

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