Tuesday, 15 June 2004

Does anyone else get annoyed....

When M$ hijacks your computer through IE to tell you that you need windows updates?

I find it especially irritating since the W/U page takes about 1.5 mins to open over dialup. And it complains that active X is turned off (yeah, like I'd leave it turned on?). 3 hour download anyone?

Now counting the days till the arrival of broadband. I might just abandon the winbox once that's happened. Although Linux won't work with my connexant modem (drivers from linuxant cost more than the original modem!) it works fine with my ADSL device. And it'll force me to learn how to use an OS that really doesn't hold my hand. I'll only fire it up to play mechwarrior then.

Full marks to M$ for ease of use though. It really is just ssoooo simple compared to apparently 'easy' mandrake. Or maybe I'm just dim.

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