Sunday, 30 May 2004

One bit of news

I've been looking for somewhere for us to stay this summer in France. So far found a couple of interesting places through chez nous that are still available and not too expensive. The one is in the French alps, about 100 kms south of Geneve, and 100 kms west of Torino, the other is in Burgundy, near Charolles.

I like the idea of the alps more for the mountain biking - the ski lifts are adapted to take bikes up, so you don't have to spend 3 hours climbing for 20 mins descent. Nice :-)

The place in Burgundy is more rural (which I also like) and at least 2 hours drive closer to home, but it's also more expensive.

I'm waiting for a few more replies to my enquiries, but so far I think the alps has it.

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