Thursday 14 June 2018

Do you wonder what people think about?

Perhaps I'm as bad. There's a chap hammering away on a laptop a few rows in front of me, another chap who just got off at Hillingdon who was working the whole journey here. Others working too.

What is that kind of life like? When they get home, do they have mental energy to think about love, laughter and life or are they consumed by planning the next day's work? Perhaps they get lots done on the bus, so they can leave the office early? Are occupied minds less likely to have time to think troubled or troubling thoughts?

So many unknowns, but watching people is fascinating. If I could blag and bluff the funds, it would be interesting to do this journey every day for a year and write about the experience.


  1. Test test...

    Oh yes people watching is VERY interesting, to me too.
    Thats what I miss living where I do, surrounded by fields of canola. Sometimes its a good break just to go up to the city and park myself at a table in a mall and watch the people. Wondering about their choices, their lives.

    I call it a people retreat.

    1. I don't often really REALLY wonder about what people do, but on this ocasion it was a little like a curtain being rolled back on my curiosity about how they lived & breathed their own lives.

  2. Good afternoon/good evening. I'm glad to see that the comments have come alive and available again - sorry they weren't working earlier (except for the spammers:-( )

  3. It might have been my side too. The internet has been funny here lately. But seems to be happy now.


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