Wednesday, 26 May 2004

Nice to see blogger's working again

It was up and down like a fiddler's elbow yesterday.

Actually I've just moderated my own post. A common phrase round here is "up and down like a whore's drawers", and that's the expression I first used. Spoken quickly this sounds fine, but written it looks really coarse. I wonder if I'd moderate my speech significantly if everything I was going to say could be written out and presented to me?


This wasn't what I was going to blog about at all :-)

I was reading Ephesians this morning. Y'know, the bit MCPs use to beat their wives into 'submission'.

It was talking about how the church obeys Christ like wives obey their husbands, and naturally my thoughts flicked to the divorce rate. But the following section talks about how husbands should look after and do good things for their wives as if they were themselves, and the thoughts lingered longer on the divorce stats that time.

As a couple, we have watched a lot of other couples, both in and out of the church. Now everyone has to build their own relationship in a way that mutually suits them. But there are a lot I've looked at where I've had severe mis-givings. I am honestly surprised (although quite glad) that I know relatively few christian marriages that have come apart. The way to make a happy marriage seems so obvious to me, yet it evades some people no matter how they try to find it. Usually because of worship to the god of ME.

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