Thursday, 21 August 2003

One of those nights...

Think I've mentioned on Randall's blog that as a church we've been told to 'pause, turn and focus on God'. Well, as a result we've scrapped our normal pattern of church meetings, house groups etc. Instead we meet for a light, family oriented meeting on Sunday PM, followed by tea, with a serious Wednesday night time of biblestudy, prayer and worship. The worship has been de-focussed too, so that it's lead from the 'hatha'* principle instead of with a worship leader, and with a single instrument, rather than a band. To keep things simple I'd taken an acoustic guitar.

The plan was to open with a single song to help people draw near to God before starting the bible study. God was gracious enough to turn up however, and after about 20 or 25 mins we managed to pull ourselves round to the idea of bible study. The study was good, but it was clearly not the main event, and we were aware of God really wanting to touch us through the Holy Spirit. We broke down for prayer with people ministering to each other, then came back together for worship. It was one of those nights where you don't want to stop, and the desire to keep going fights with the tiredness of the fingers. There are few feelings to compare with the rythmns of heaven being played through your hands. It doesn't even need a specific song to be sung, although when a new one is started then it brings a fresh wave through, as you move into a new key and chord structure. People were singing in the Spirit and in English, as the spirit moved them.

Even when we were packing away it seemed to just take a couple of key words to trigger another song. However by that time we had also become light-hearted, the way you seem to when you've touched the Throne and come back to Earth.

Who can ask for more?

* "everyone hath a word or as spiritual song". Cringe? Yeah, I did the first time I heard it too, but it's still funny ;-)

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