Saturday, 30 August 2003

Goodbye for now

To some good friends of ours. A couple we've known for over 20 years now, Trevor and Karin Allen, dropped by yesterday evening, stopping overnight with us. We first met them when we were first married - our wedding was a good point at which to make the break from the dead Baptist church we were in without offending too many people. They were in the new church we joined (and still are) and were one of the more mature 'young couples'. I think Trev was about 30 and Karin 28 then (we were 20 and 18!). But we've always been good friends, and their visit was like rolling away all the time we've been apart.

They're on a whistlestop tour heading north. Hope you 2 have a good time, and enjoy all the renewed acquaintences. Thanks for dropping by.

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