Saturday, 30 August 2003

Well, that was a funny day.

It started out a bit slow, sayong goodbye to friends, then having to wait half an hour for *someone* to get themselves ready to go out. The next bit is a long story, involving shopping for a gate, but returning with an oven, and having to make 2 trips into Oxford because the oven was too big to go in the first car :-/

But such is life that it all turned around this afternoon, and despite every predictable obstacle being put in my way (why do oven sizes get altered every couple of years??) it is now fitted and working.

This evening another good friend (Jez) brought a 'dumped' bike over, which we fixed and made roadworthy. This is particularly good, since he has had to borrow a bike to ride to work. And the new one is actually quite decent too (amazing what some people throw away, it really is). It's rather good, because Jez is a teacher and gave Ben some 'help' with German for his exams this year, so we've been wanting to find a tangible way to say thanks, and it's great that this came up.

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