Monday, 4 June 2018

How long can you get away with ignoring stuff?

Especially when it's knees, and they hurt after running.

Laying in bed a couple of days ago I could remember the feeling I had as a child, running as hard as I could, and how good it felt. The bouncy feeling in ones legs when starting a run in my early 20s. Now, when I begin running it's cautiously, trying to get the pace & footfall right so that it doesn't hurt or feel like I'm doing damage.

Alzheimers may have been Terry Pratchett's embuggerance, but other aspects of aging remind me of the feeling that word expresses too.

At least I can walk down stairs this morning without having to put most of my weight on the banister rail instead of the right leg. And you know, I could do with getting another run in, either tonight or tomorrow, to stop the fitness going backwards and to try to extend my range a little bit more. Poxing mortality. And I'm one of the 'lucky' ones (and I know it).

And thinking about this feller, I seem to have got away with the aging pretty lightly so far. There's a side of me that compares our 2 different testimonies and wants to make it positive "God at work in my adversity - my weakness allows Him to be strong" but I don't really believe that to be true, at least for me. Can God use me more when I'm ill or weak or failing than He can when I'm happy, healthy, fit and able? I'm more inclined to believe we can be used or not used in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, whether we're standing up or falling down, though it's ALWAYS better to make the best than the worst of circumstances.

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