Tuesday 19 June 2018

IT hardware upgrading

Is like rust.*

My drive is almost completely full.

That's a phrase to strike terror in a heart or 2.

The 1TB SSD I bought a couple of years back had about 15GB space left, despite careful culling of excess images, and I really didn't want to throw more away, yet at the same time I couldn't afford to get a bigger SSD (REALLY couldn't - 2TB? That would cost more than half the value of the laptop!).

So I'm back to fragile, noisy spinning rust. It's cheap, spacious, not too slow and working adequately. I loved having a silent laptop that I could just toss onto the settee while it was still on, but this does what I need at a price I can justify. It IS slower than the SSD, but not enough to be a problem.

*You only hold it back for a time, no matter how much future-proofing you spend money on.


  1. Those SSD's are amazing, but yeah I guess thats the limitation. We should live so long to see them grow in size and stuff them full!

  2. A 64GB memory card for the Nikon only holds 1100 images. I've shot around 40,000 images since moving to DSLRs at the end of 2013, and have become increasingly hard in my culling. Granted it's not just about drive space, since I can now more easily accept that an image isn't worth keeping just because it's in focus and might have some future 'potential', though it's taken a while to learn that. Just wish that some of my earliest images weren't shot in jpg format, since there's no recovering them.

    I'd guess at a 2TB SSD costing around £400, and that's a lot to invest in a laptop that's >4 years old. The 2TB HDD was about £67 by comparison.

    1. Just to add that the OS runs off a physically separate 256GB mSATA drive (that also only has about 25GB free - blowed if I know what's taking up SO MUCH space with only lightroom, office and a few other applications on there - but isn't used as a data store).


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