Sunday, 27 May 2018

We saw Solo last night.

Saturday night, bank holiday weekend.

This is a new starwars film, just released the day before.

Gonna be crowded we thought, and the cinema did not allow seats to be booked for this film, so we got there 20min before the program started instead our preferred 20min after (to miss the adverts).

There were probably 10 people in a cinema designed for 150+.

And that was probably about right. Sad to say, I think Starwars has really run its course, and I'm glad we didn't bother with Rouge 1. This wasn't meant to be a whinge-fest, but OTOH if you have £30 in your pocket there are probably better uses than 2 tickets for this film.

"Dad, dad, what's for dinner tonight?"

"Wookie steak, son"

"Is it good?"

"It's a little chewie"

A couple of other points sprang to mind while I was away from the computer:

There were times when the dialogue was very indistinct, and we occasionally turned to each other to ask "what did he just say?" - this isn't really good enough for a modern high-budget film with all kinds of clever audio processing going on.

The female lead's name is Kiera. We've had Luke, Ben and we've got Han and Chewie in this film. She is always called Kiera in the film, so who is this Qi'Ra character? Stop trying too hard.

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